A Look At Sightseeking.com

If you’re a fan of Geocaching, or GPS Cache hunting, then you may also be interested Sightseeking.com that was launched during the course of last week. Rather than hunt for a cache, you try to hunt for the GPS location where the picture was taken.

Personally, I think its a great concept and I’ve given it a whirl by uploading sight #9, now I just hope someone finds it. I ended up having to find the site online myself since I forgot to use the GPS on my phone to tag the location. I used Google Maps to find it and then used the ‘What’s here?’ option on the right-click menu. I’m quite a co-ordinate ignoramus, so was not really sure what to enter in the boxes in Sightseeking.com. In terms of an enhancement to the sight, I would make the default co-ordinate entry format match what is  found on Google maps.

I tried to find one of the sites on the site, and happen to know exactly where it is, but think I got unstuck with the Google Maps presumably decimal co-ordinates to degrees, minutes, seconds convertion. In any case, I’ll try again some time, especially since I’m short on bling and the site is offering an ounce of gold as a lucky draw prize.

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