Automated deployment with Maven and friends

I’m busy with an automated deployment configuration task and stumbled upon the following excellent presentation by John Ferguson Smart from Wakaleo Consulting: Automated deployment with Maven and friends – Going the whole nine yards

If I can add some context to labelling the presentation as excellent. In essence it represents what I regard as best practices. Setting up the mentioned infrastructure takes time, but WILL save time and money in the long run. Here are some other reasons why I advocate the use of the practices outlined in the presentation:

  • I’ve had the misfortune of a three month stint as a human continuous integration / deployment “Jenkins” in the early days of a large scale enterprise project, this has left me scarred and obsessed with automated deployment and subsequent testing.
  • I’ve seen Liquibase replicated many times, at considerable expense.
  • If you don’t set it all up early in a project, you will pay for it with wasted time, one way or the other.


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