Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customer Service Agreement: Easy Come, Easy Go

Having read the 17 page Customer Agreement I would sum it up with Easy Come, Easy Go.

By that I mean that if I where to start a business using AWS I would operate under the assumption that the AWS leg of my business could be replaced and immediately disabled with no disruption to my end-users and also my responsibilities to them. In a way this flies in the face of being mesmerized by for example the advertised resiliency of services such as S3. I regard this as common sense, but also the AWS Customer Service Agreement is quite forthright in the sense that it reminds their clients, in effect, that it must comply with governmental requests to for example move your data from one AWS region to another (e.g. move all your data from say Australia to the US).

3.2 Data Privacy. We participate in the safe harbor programs described in the
Privacy Policy. You may specify the AWS regions in which Your Content will
be stored and accessible by End Users. We will not move Your Content from
your selected AWS regions without notifying you, unless required to comply
with the law or requests of governmental entities. You consent to our
collection, use and disclosure of information associated with the Service
Offerings in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and to the processing of
Your Content in, and the transfer of Your Content into, the AWS regions you

They can also as per Section 7.2 immediately terminate the agreement under a variety of conditions.

Its not worth spending too much time on the AWS Customer Service Agreement in my mind as long as one’s software architecture and promises to end-users caters for the scenario where AWS is a gonner, for whatever reason.

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