Note to self – don’t be that anonymous “someone that forgot to add 29 February” to the system

Overheard someone talking about some systems being down whilst shopping at the mall today. Well I had largely forgotten that its a leap year, nor given the date much thought.

There where no doubt thousands of systems that had glitches associated with 29 February today, and covering it up is most likely standard procedure, and who could blame the companies in question.

In any case, one of the biggest crashes of the day, that made the news, seems to be a health care payment system processing 150 000 transactions per day, the best line is this, and I hope SVN will never show this I’m this someone:

A knowledgeable source said the outage arose because “someone forgot to add the 29th of February” to the system.

Well, it seems its called the Leap year bug, and here are some more occurances: