One Year To Get Productive On Codebase = You’ve got Architectural Problems

I recently met with an individual for a chat in my home town of Wellington, New Zealand who stated that it takes his engineers a year to get productive on their huge, monolithic Ruby on Rails codebase.

This in itself is astounding, as its an unusually long time-period. But it does make sense when one considers that no matter what framework or language you may be using, if you have not spent sufficient time on your architecture up front then you will pay for it at some time in the future.

Having dabbled with Rails, it is not surprising that a Rails application can morph, over years, into a large scale enterprise application that cannot easily be architecturally redesigned to enhance its modularity, testability and other quality attributes. But perhaps this does not matter so much if you are making tons of money.

MonolithLater and MonolithFirst Arguments

With microservices architectures being topical, its interesting to note that there are “Don’t start with a monolith” and “MonolithFirst” arguments out there with Martin Fowler falling into the latter camp. Mr. Fowler essentially argues that having architectural problems to solve is a better place to be with an exception to this rule of thumb being a system rewrite.

It may be hard to scale a poorly designed but successful software system, but that’s still a better place to be than its inverse.

Microsoft Azure-Aclypse – Yet Another Quality Attribute Reminder

With Azure’s global outages impacting millions of end-users today, as a Software Architect this is just a simple reminder. Either your architecture has a quality attribute that requires resilience in the face of an apocalypse-like cloud vendor outage or it does not.

Chances are that no individual vendor will ever entertain the notion that they will suffer a global outage. SLAs are unlikely to get lost business back. It is the architect’s job to guide their client through the scenarios that may impact their business, including an Azure-Aclypse.